If you want the absolute best that Eddies can buy, look no further than Hypercars.  These vehicles are the top-tier in just about every regard.  Some of the fastest sports cars reside in the Hypercar genre, featuring the highest quality components and top-shelf interiors.  They even include an astounding level of armor for those who live dangerously.  Standout vehicles in the Hypercar group include the Herrera and Rayfield, although anything in this group will take very good care of you.

The Executive lineup of vehicles is for those who like just as much style as they do substance.  These cars are sure to catch the eye of any passers-by, as they’re outfitted with the fanciest trimmings Night City has to offer.  The Executive line is known for having some pretty hulking vehicles as well, which is sure to make your presence known no matter what part of Night City you’re in.  If you want everyone to be impressed when you arrive, you can’t go wrong with an Executive.


Sports cars might not be the best when it comes to stopping bullets, but you don’t have to worry about that.  You’ll be so fast that the lead flying your way won’t be able to catch up.  Sports cars are creations built for speed and speed alone.  You can fine-tune these vehicles to your heart’s content, and laugh in the rearview mirror as you dust the competition.  Whether you’re on the run from gangs or the NCPD, Sports cars will get you out of danger at a moment’s notice.  Grab yourself a car in the Quadra or Mizutani line, and you’ll hit speeds you never thought possible.

Heavy Duty


They’re slow, they’re absolute beasts, and they can take an insane amount of damage.  If you need to quadruple the defense in your vehicle, there’s no finer choice than a Heavy Duty ride.  The power in these trucks is absolutely insane, allowing you to run right through crowds, other cars, buildings, and more.  Hardly anything will be able to get in your way, and if something does, it’ll surely be sorry.  While these big boys take a while to get moving, once they have the momentum behind them, Night City is at your mercy.


Sometimes you need a ride that’ll just get you from point A to point B.  It’s not the prettiest, fastest, or most durable, but an Economy car can still get the job done.  Economy vehicles are no-frills, but sometimes that’s all you need, and the price is certainly right!  Riding around in tricked-out vehicles is a great way to flaunt your status, but it also makes you an easy target.  If you want to fly under the radar or plan to use your car as a means of transportation only, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing an Economy option.


Looking for something a little slicker to accommodate your travels?  Motorcycles won’t give you anywhere near the protection of any other vehicle group, but there’s no denying they’re a bit more bad-ass.  Motorcycles give you the speed you need when in a high-speed chase, but they can also take you places other cars can’t.  If you need to slip the bad guys and hide out somewhere safe, snag a motorcycle and zip down an alleyway to disappear into the night.  The Yaiba and Brennan brands are some of the options you’ll find on the streets, and they’re just waiting to be pushed to the limit by your daredevil spirit.