GTA is perhaps one of the most iconic series we've seen in gaming over the last 20 or so years.

While Rockstar Games has been rather shy in terms of sharing any news pertaining to the new title, some leakers may have revealed one of the biggest features surrounding the games story.

Leaker's GTA 6 Drawing Recreated Into Incredible Art Work

"Leaker" Onion00048 has suggested that GTA VI will take place in Vice City, but also feature Liberty City and parts of South America.

This isn't massively new information as we've heard stories of us visiting different locations, including South America with a Narcos-inspired drug smuggling story.

While the leaks are unverified, it certainly reinforces the rumours we heard a few years ago.

The leaker continues to claim that we will play as multiple protagonists, decades apart. The first half of the game is rumoured to be set in 1985, with the second in modern day.

We may also hear something official by the end of the year.